Group Gift – FREE to join group

Miah from Natural Beauty has been very generous in offering us a lovely skin for you all FREE when you join the in world 75 $L Sale group. I don’t usually wear ethnic skin, but this one is just too lovely to pass up! Here it is on me.
Kayla in Natural Beauty Group Gift 2 512x512
And here is the ad photo so you know what to look for when you TP in.

To join, you can search 75 $L Sale, or copy and paste this key in local chat, then click the link and join.
You will also be offered the link in local chat when you touch the gift board if you don’t have the correct tag on.

Just TP to the 75 $L Skin Sale store and you will find the gift vendor on the wall on the left as you walk in.

Be sure to pick up her 75L skin called Larisa while you are here! And visit Natural Beauty to see more of Miah’s amazing skins.

And Style by Kira also has a new 75L skin waiting for you.

There are lots of skins, all for the very LOW price of 75L. You don’t want to miss the sale.

And a special bonus for you all…I couldn’t resist visiting the Designer Showcase today and picking up this lovely dress from Primadonna. It was only 75L and it’s purple…Yay! Be sure to visit the store to snag some other great finds. Multiple designers offering their creations at 100L or less.
Kayla in Natural Beauty Group Gift 1024x1024

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