Hi Skin Lovers,

As you know, some of our designers like to change their skins every week to give you even more great deals! We’ve got 4 new skins out for you. Three just added today and one from a few days ago.
Enjoy your 75L Skins.

And more exciting news. We’ve opened a new sales store called Accentuate! Come get your makeups and shapes for 75L or lower. We have 2 designers with sales out for you so far, and 2 more on the way. I will get more designers in as soon as possible!

75L Skins:
Natural Beauty

Eye Candi

Diamond Avatar

Scratch Skins & Shapes

Click here to TP to the 75 $L Skin Store in world.

Coco Sands Shapes – Gypsy Shape – 75L

CERO STYLE – makeup tattoo and eyelashes – 75L

Shapes by Mim



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