Accentuate Opens Today!!

Yay, we’re open! The store isn’t full yet, but that just gives us great room to grow and add more amazing designers. *winks*
We’ve already discounted lots of great skins for you, now come on in to Accentuate and pick up great makeups & shapes for only 75L or lower!
Here is your TAXI.
[: B!ASTA :] – 55L – Cat Gold makeup with eyeshadow and lipstick, 4 options for teeth and tattoo lashes, and tintable prim lashes as well!

;;; CERO STYLE ;;; – 75L – Fantasy makeup & eyelashes.

Coco Sands Shapes – 75L – Gypsy shape, mod and non-mod, plus eyebrows & style card.

Koketka – 75L – Annet shape plus style card & pose stand.

Natural Beauty, Elite Shapes – 75L – Angel shape (copy, mod) plus styling card & eyebrows.

Oceane Body Design – 75L – Cat’s Cherry Bomb, 2 makeup layers (blush & no blush).

Piece of Mind Designs – 75L – 4 pack makeup, Blue Bayou, Gold Glam, Emerald Essence, & bonus Emerald Frost Essence plus Soft Body Light.

Shapes by Mim – 75L – Muse Shape & style card (no mod).

+ Silhouette + – 75L – Peach shape (copy, mod).

Enjoy & huggles!

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