NEW 75L Skins & Accentuate Deals

Wooohooo, NEW 75L skins! 75 $L Skin Sale. All skins at the store are only 75L, from our wonderful designers just for you.

These skins may be on sale for two weeks or only one, don’t take a chance on missing one, come get them now…*winks*
Dulce Secrets


Eye Candi



Oceane Body Design

reila skins

Scratch Skins & Shapes – ONLY SOLD HERE

‘ Skintimate ‘

Style by Kira

Sweet’n’Tart Skins & More


And here are the NEW makeups and shapes on sale for you at Accentuate. These are only on sale for a week, don’t miss out.
[: B!ASTA :] – 50L

;;; CERO STYLE;;;; – 75L

Coco Sand Shapes – 75L

Oceane Body Design – 75L

Piece of Mind Designs – 50L

Shapes by Mim – 75L

+ Silhouette + – 75L



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