Had to share *grins*

I got the :ARIELLE: makeup from [: B!ASTA :] at the Accentuate store and just had to share the photos I took of myself wearing it.

For only 50L you get the green/aqua makeups in 4 options: glitter eyes, glitter eyes & lashes, glitter eyes & teeth, and glitter eyes with lashes & teeth. Plus there is a set of tintable and modifiable prim lashes included as well.

Don’t miss this offer, it will be gone by next Tuesday!
BASTA 50L Makeup 2
BASTA 50L Makeup 1

Be sure to check out the other makeups & shapes on sale at Accentuate.

I also got the lovely Elena skin by ‘ Skintimate ‘ from the 75L Skin Sale store. It’s a beautiful skin with soft but warm pink eyeshadow and hot red lips, and I just love that it has cleavage you don’t have to buy separately.
Kayla in Skintimate Elena Peach

Be sure to stop in at the 75L Skin store and see all of the other wonderful skins by our many designers on sale for the low price of…how’d you guess? 75L! *winks*


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