NEW Sales & 1 for MEN- 5 Oct

We’ve got some new deals for you at the 75L Skin & Accentuate store.

Scratch Skins & Shapes – Has a new FREE Gift for you. Since it’s October, the skin is themed perfect for role playing. Come pick it up free. Just touch the sign for an invite to our free in world group, join the group from local chat, then touch the sign again.

Aisling also has a new 75L skin up for you. Comes with 2 cleavage options, 3 eyebrow options, and also a version without makeup! You only have until next Sunday or Monday to pick this up at this price.

Sweet’n’Tart – OMG, we have a 75L skin for MEN..Yay! Tindle made a male version of her Blister skin. You get all three shades AND it comes with the normal skin as well as the cool “been outdoors in the cold to long…blistering” look. It also has 3 eyebrow shapes, 3 blush looks, and 2 freckle looks.

(Ladies, get your men in here! She also still has her Blister skin for you out, just 75L for each skin tone.)

Diamond Avatar – Put her new 75L skin out for you, comes with and without cleavage. Come and get it before it’s gone.

For the Accentuate part of the store:
Shapes by Mim – Offers this lovely Autumn shape that comes with the style card – 75L.

;;; CERO STYLE ;;; – Has 5 beautiful lipsticks for you. Trust me, you want these! – 75L

+ Silhouette + – Has her Anabelle shape out for you. It’s copy and mod so you can tweak it if you want to! – 75L

Scratch Skins & Shapes – Not only do you get this pretty Beth shape, but it comes with the SKIN & EYES, as well as a style card. – All for only 75L!

Body By Coco – Mel CEO shape with style card – 75L

Get on over to the SALE STORE before these deals are gone.

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